Pomz “Know Your Client” Policy

Last updated: May 24, 2018.

Please read this KYC approach carefully before weighing your decision and subsequently selling your tokens. Upon your registration with POMZ, you claim to have studied and agreed to this KYC system.

POMZ LC ("POMZ"/we/us/our, as appropriate) is in the process of developing plans to maintain the use of POMZ tokens, as well as prevent the activities of illegal schemes and organizations. This "Know Your Customer" policy is a key part of our program aimed at the recognition and mitigation of illegal tax evasion, money laundering, deception, as well as extortion.

The "Know Your Customer" ("KYC") policy is an ongoing, risk-based method for getting to know individuals who are interested in the token sale (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”, “You”, as appropriate): confirming their identity with the use of records, data, and information, as well as with an aim to distinguish suspicious activity according to the AML/ CFT regulations, verify that they meet the legal and regulatory requirements, determine the individual’s residence, and ward off deception and fraud.

POMZ is entitled to employ different types of verification, which vary in depth (for example, basic records, advanced records, etc.). The information and reports that you provide can affect the POMZ tokens that you can purchase or your rights to withdraw POMZ tokens.

When you register, you must provide the following information:

  • Your full name (for legal entities, associations, funds, or trusts) – the full name of the Participant's representative and the name of the legal entity);
  • Your e-mail address;
  • Your country of residence.

By agreeing to the POMZ Terms of Use (the "Terms"), you also represent that:

  • Your name (and your business name for legal entities) and country of residence are correct, and you’ve not used a single false character, emulated another person, nor are you involved in prohibited activities (as described in the “Terms”);
  • You have the full authority to enter into this agreement with POMZ;
  • The participant, who is an individual, is the owner of the account used and is the beneficiary of all purchased POMZ tokens;
  • You do not reside in any of the restricted areas (as shown in the “Terms”).

After you become a registered Participant and acquire POMZ tokens, you will have the opportunity to complete the KYC verification process in the "Confirmation" area on your information panel by submitting the relevant KYC files and updating certain information about yourself, for example:

  • Your mailing address;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your phone number;
  • Other information that POMZ requests in order to complete the survey.

At any time and based on its own sole discretion, POMZ may request verification methods via e-mail, or perhaps via the records panel:

  • The Participant’s proof of identity;
  • The Participant’s proof of address;
  • The participant must also perform an online video check.

Proof of the Participant’s identity must be one of the following types of government-issued ID:

  • International passport (information pages with the photo);
  • National identity card (two sides, photo required);
  • Permanent driver's license (both sides, photo required).

Proof of the Participant’s address must be a maximum of three months old and include your full name and address:

  • Payment for utilities and services, such as a water, gas, internet, television, or landline phone bill;
  • Bank statement;
  • A tax return form recognized by a tax authority;
  • A property tax bill;
  • Election/voter ID;
  • Official government letters.

You need to make sure that scans of your documents are of high quality and that the edges are clearly distinguishable.

In the event that the Participant is a legal entity, POMZ may additionally request provision of:

  • The entity’s founding documents;
  • Information satisfactory to POMZ to prove the entity’s good standing, the Participant's authorization to take such actions on its behalf, and the identity of the representative;
  • Information and reports sufficient for POMZ to verify the beneficiary owner, including ownership and the control structure of this legal entity, the KYC files, and documents on the beneficiary owner.

In some cases, including, in part, if the Participant has reached a certain threshold decided by POMZ, in the case of doubts as to the truthfulness or completeness of the provided documents or data, or under the suspicion of illegal activity, based on its sole discretion, POMZ may request from you:

  • Your source of information on funds and how legitimate your income is, including, in part, bank/credit/debit regulation statements (must not be more than three months old);
  • Certain documents that must be certified by a certification authority;
  • Two kinds of unmistakable identification, both of which must be formally issued by the government and contain a photograph and seal.

Your document proving your source of income must demonstrate that it is the genuine source(s) of income that you used to buy POMZ tokens and that it matches and can justify your acquisition.

The source of the income used can be:

  • Proof of income (for example, the payment of wages, official payments, benefits, annuities);
  • Bank statement/savings account which accurately shows the receipt thereof from an identifiable source;
  • A statement on a trust, clearly demonstrating the that you are entitled to the funds;
  • Date of proof that the payment was made to you;
  • Other clear evidence to support that you can afford your POMZ purchases.

POMZ will refuse to enter into an agreement with or cease relations with a Participant who does not provide the requested information or statements or provides false or contradictory information in which reasonable inquiry cannot resolve the inconsistency or conflict.

POMZ may suspend your entry, POMZ tokens will not be transferred to you, or you will not be able to withdraw your POMZ tokens until the point at which POMZ obtains the requested information and/or documentation and the KYC documentation is completed in satisfactory fashion. If you do not undergo the KYC confirmation or verification, your funds will be returned to you in accordance with the terms, this KYC Policy, and the laws in effect.

If, at the conclusion of the KYC requirements, you are of the belief that you:

  • Have not received your proof, as well as the documentation that POMZ is requesting, or presumably if POMZ cannot properly identify you and, in addition, confirm your source of income (on request) within a reasonable amount of time determined by POMZ;
  • Are a resident of a restricted territory (as specified in the Terms);
  • Are a minor and are not eligible to enter into an agreement with POMZ;
  • Have used representatives, accomplices, individuals, relatives, related parties, or various connected persons to obtain POMZ tokens for your benefit, and especially if you;
  • Are assessing any rejected practices or various activities that, in POMZ's opinion, represent abuse of this offer or a violation of these terms.

Under such circumstances, POMZ shall have the right to:

  • Return your funds to you, unless they are being withheld or forfeited due to the Terms or applicable law;
  • Suspend or close your account with POMZ;
  • Terminate the Agreement (the Terms) with you; and/or
  • Report any criminal or suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

POMZ may hire subcontractors to perform KYC functions as well.

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