POMZ Cookie Policy

Last updated: May 24, 2018.

Our Cookies Policy contains information as to the fundamental aspects of the cookies and the practices that we or the third-party organizations with which we partner employ in the Service, your handling of cookies, as well as further detail on them.

POMZ employs cookies on https://pomz.com (the "Service"). By using the service, you consent to the use of cookies.

Definition and Functions of Cookies

Cookies are files containing textual information that a website you access sends to your web browser. Your web browser stores these files, thus allowing the Service or a third-party to customize your subsequent visit and render your experience easier and more efficient.

Cookies are subdivided into "persistent" and "session" cookies.

Cookie Implementation on POMZ

Every time you access the Service entails a number of cookies being sent to and stored within your web browser.

Our cookies exist to serve the following purposes: to facilitate the operation of certain functions of the Service, analyze user activities, ensure that your preferences are saved, and select appropriate advertisements, which also include behavioral advertising.

You may encounter the use of both session and persistent cookies on the Service. Furthermore, we also employ other types of cookies, such as essential cookies, to perform user authorization, as well as for the prevention of identity theft and other illegal activities on user accounts.

Your device may be the source of particular information that may be recorded by POMZ in automatic fashion by way of a number of technologies, such as "clear gifs" or "web beacons". We undertake automatic collection of information, including your IP address or other device signature or ID, web browser and/or device type, the web pages or sites that you visit immediately before or after visiting the Service, page or other content that you showed interest in, and any other activities relevant to the Service, as well as the dates and times of you visit, the length of your visit, and other details regarding your use of the Service. These technologies also serve to record your email activities, including your opening, clicking on, or forwarding email messages. All users are subject to the collection of this information as well as the correlation of these data with other information your online activities provide.

Third-Party Cookies

Alongside the cookies that our Service uses, Service usage statistics may be reported via third-party cookies. Such information might be used for the provision of advertisements on and through the service as well as for other similar purposes.

Your Handling of Cookies

In the case that you prefer deleting cookies manually and having your browser clear cookies or refuse them, you may find instructions on how to do so on your web browser’s help pages.

However, you should remember that in the event that you clear your cookie bar or refuse cookies, your preferences will not be saved and your visits will not be customized. Moreover, some information on the Service may not be reflected in the proper correct way.

We use cookies to provide you with a better service. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.